Surface Finishes & Edge Profiles:

Surface Finishes & Edge Profiles directly effect the appearance of the final product greatly. The change from one type to another in an otherwise identical product will result in a drastic change in asthetic and how well it matches your chosen architectural style. Please consult with us if you have questions about what finish type and profile is suitable to end goal. For the benefit of iPad users who can't use drop down menus, the following are links to the relevant areas:

Surface Finishes:

There are numerous surface finish types available to produce a highly tailored look and style for almost any desired application; the following aspects of surface treatments can be applied in graduated increments to produce a high degree of customization:

Edge Profiles:

One of the most distinctive features of stone slab work is determined by what edge style is applied. The chosen edge can completely change the feel of a countertop, hearth, etc. from one architectural style to another; especially waterfall edges and laminated edges (not shown). A "Waterfall Edge" is when a piece of mirrored slab is nearly invisibly mitered and joined to a corresponding mitered slab to create a large vertical piece that continues downwards for some way, creating the appearance of a piece of stone bent at the edge; these are most commonly applied in modern styles of architecture. A laminated edge is when a strip of slab is joined underneath the edge of a slab to create the appearance of a much thicker slab; thick slabs can be carved out to create the same effect out of a monolithic block but this is not usually necessary. Other edge types are also available and as every piece out of our shop is custom made for each clients needs, please inquire if you'd like an edge type not shown. The following edges are illustrated as applied to a 1.5" slab, the most common slab thickness but, can be applied to thicker or thinner slabs subject to some limitations: