Products & Services:

Loveless Stone & Tile provides a diverse assortmant of products and services. Our products are manufacture with the utmost care, artistry and professionalism. Please keep in mind that to make this page less complicated we have tried to classify items in the broadest possible terms so that you can see examples of our work as well as use them for inspiration on your own project. If an item isn't listed, or you wonder about it's suitability for use in your application please contact us and we can offer advice. If you want something manufactured or installed, or a service that isn't listed on on this page, please contact us and we will try to arrange to have your desired product manufactured or a service performed to your satisfaction. For people on iPads who can't use drop down menus, please use the folowing links:


Carved Sinks:

One of our newer and more popular products, Monolithic Carved Sinks are hand carved out of one solid piece of slab to create a unique and seamless affect. Sinks are carved out of slabs between 4" to 18" in depth and can be carved in a number of different styles and sizes; traditional farm sinks, kitchen sinks, trough sinks, round sinks and slot sinks can all be made in this fashion. Carved sinks can be joined to a slab top for extra depth or the sink can be carved into a full slab of standard size (maximum slab size varies slightly by material type). Outside of a 1" to 2" diameter offset from the interior of the bowl, we can gauge the slab down to a 1-1/4" thickness at minimum everywhere else creating a seamless sink in a countertop or vanity that will fit into cabinetry but still appear as thick as a normal slab. Slot sinks tend to accentuate modern architectural styles, traditional bowls classical and trough sinks both. Please note that since the drain hardware is mounted invisibly under the slot in a pocket, Slot Sinks *CAN'T* be stopped up for hygienic reasons; this makes slot sinks most appropriate for non-kitchen applications. If you want a stone sink that is outside the maximum dimensions for slab thickness (varies by material from 6" - 20" in depth), we have special equipment to make nearly seamless miter joints and can laminate slab material into farm sinks or trough sinks of certain styles. Additionally, carved sinks and laminated sinks can be closely joined to a countertop to give extra depth.

Countertops, Vanities and Slab Work:

Sandstone & Limestone countertops have traditionally been one of our primary products and produce a completely unique appearance unmatchable by traditional stone products suck as marble, granite or synthetic materials. Depending on the type of material chosen and the finish, sandstone tops can be made to complement or contrast living materials due to the unique grain and movement or create a sleek modern look. Unless constrained by building requirements, all of our countertops are 1-1/2" to 3" thick when viewed from the edge; this thickness creates a sense of mass and solidity that thinly sliced mass produced stone products can never achieve. By strategically applying slab work sparingly, the value of a house can be greatly increased relative to the total cost. Additionally, slabs can be carved out over cabinetry or mirrored strips from the same slab can be laminated around the edges to create the appearance of a much thicker slab without the weight of a full thickness slab. Please see edge profiles page under materials for examples of how edges can be milled and finished to create various appearances to match your desired architectural style. Third party sinks can be installed in rabbited pockets so that they seamlessly undermount into a slab near the surface instead of at the base; also see the carved sinks above for examples of monolithic vanities with integrated sinks. For large applications, slabs can be joined together in a number of fashions to create arbitrarily large installed pieces of a desired dimension. Please see our finishes page for details on how slab materials can be made to varying finished appearances tailored to your application.

Slab work also represents any large cut piece of thick stone with a length of greater than 30" on any edge (varies slightly by raw material type and availability) cut into rectilinear or round shapes for the following purposes:


Tiles can be cut from all of our materials in myriads of shapes and pattern sets. Tiles can be made in almost any polygonal shape, including but not limited to Hexagons, Octagons, Pentagons, Parallelograms, Triangles, Squares and any other Rectilinear type. Tiles can be cut into sizes ranging from 1"x1" for small square tiles to custom shapes with a minimum of 2" on the shortest length to 30" across the longest length. Larger tiles are possible but have to be made from slab material which is a separate price class; please see the above entry on slab material. Popular and custom patterns can be pre-manufactured in the proper ratios to make installation faster and more efficient for contractors and clients. Patterns can be provided in Versailles, ashler random, herringbone, ashler, spiral, step up, fans, running bonds, basket weaves, alternating and any other type that requires various sizes of tiles. Since all of our products are custom made for every client, there is a great degree of flexibility in terms of size and types of tiles allowing for total freedom of design.

Most materials are suitable for making tiles to be used in almost any application; tiles can be treated for use in floors, walls, showers, and ceilings in outdoor or indoor locations. Please consult with us about the intended use of tiles so we can help you select materials in applications where water, UV light or foot traffic may require special considerations in specifications, materials and finishes. Tiles can be made at various custom thicknesses and finishes for almost any requirement, please see the finishes page for more info; any finish available for slabs can be used on tiles.

Hearths, Mantels & Fireplace Accents:

As a fire resistant material, stone makes an excellent material for manufacturing decorative and functional elements of fireplaces. Hearths can be made in a number of different styles using slab, tile or cladding; these styles include but aren't limited to "step ledges", cantilevered mantels that create a ledge that "floats" above floor level, and hearths inlaid into the floor either flush or with a rise and profiled edge. The stone used for hearths is treated to make it resistant to staining and most standard finishes are applicable; please note that substitute processes may have to be used in order to remove flammable products from the process but with similar appearances to the traditional types. Fireplace surrounds can be made out of carved stone or tile as well; these usually take the form of a carved blocks, inlaid slabs or tile/irregular cladding of matching or complementary material to the hearth and mantel to join the overall structure together. Mantels can also be made using stone cantilevered or otherwise anchored into the wall (unless column surrounds are used) to create a ledge of the desired size above the hearth, for visual balance and load bearing requirements these tend to be around 4" to 6" thick. Even if simple cladding is used, stones can be selected to create a distinct appearance surrounding the fireplace to visually accent it w/o any additional structure.


Another unique set of products we provide are signs and markers made from stone products. Signs or markers start with a slab, tile or monolith of an appropriate size and are then sandblasted to engrave text, images or motifs to the desired depth. These engraved letters and shapes can then be finished to smooth them out or left in various degrees of roughness. Once the desired finish has been achieved we can paint or stain engraved areas prior to sealing to create visual emphasis or to bring out complex patterns by using different colors or leaving some areas their natural color. Areas left like this are usually several shades lighter or darker than the surrounding stone due to different colored strata in the stone exposed in the process and the surface texture. These can be used for a number of purposes, including business signs, street addresses, room numbers indicators, memorial markers or any other purpose where a unique and eye catching text display would be desired. Slabs and monoliths especially have incredible visual mass and confer an aesthetic of timeless stability and high quality, as well as extreme durability. Monolithic blocks can be finished in much the same way as slabs and tiles to similar affect.

Fountains, Monoliths & Misc. Decorative Elements:

In addition to traditional stone products, we manufacture fountains, monoliths and other decorative elements. Depending on material, these monoliths can be obtained in various sizes but generally quite large. In addition to sandstone and limestone, we also can procure petrified wood blocks and granite to carve into massive fountains that complement almost any architectural style. Decorative elements such as carved nichos and special baseboards and trim that conform to unusual wall shapes are all possible. Please contact us if you require unique building elements and we will offer advice about what can and can't be manufactured.

Irregular Flag Floors and Walls:

Irregular stone floors and walls are considered a service, as opposed to a product, separate from other floor materials such as tile and slab because it requires us to manufacture the materials as they are installed on-site. This is due to the fact that as opposed to puzzle piecing together flag pieces as best as possible, we drystack, cut the flag and lay it in a continuous process to create a much higher degree of control over joint spacing, coverage, flag size and color distribution. This is what allows us to produce irregular floors of a much higher quality than average irregular floors and the high control over joint sizes allows us to place river stones and other decorative features in the grout line; conversely we can create an extremely tight grout joint. With very tight joints, we can make floors and walls that appear similar to cyclopean walls in Inca or Old Greek temples. Irregular Flag floors and walls can be made out of many of our material types; although some are not recommended for use outside due to problems with weathering, most are appropriate. Please contact us for material type availability and recommended applications.

Irregular Stone Cladding:

Similar to Irregular Flag above, this is treated as a service due to the fact that it has to be installed on-site. Individual stone pieces are picked to make the best match in terms of color, size, shape and texture and cut and placed in a continuous process. There are many styles of cladding from irregular pieces with a rough square shaped, to randomly sized and shaped blocks, to Anasazi drystack. We can produce this cladding in many different colors and can also obtain moss rock in certain materials. As with all of our stone products these are custom made and can be made to whatever style the client wants. Additionally, we can gauge the back side of the stones down to around 2" so we can clad walls and ledges with a relatively thin veneer making it easier to install over existing construction. Please contact us for material availability and recommended applications.

Installation, Remodels & Refurbishment:

We offer professional installation of all products that we manufacture as well as owner supplied materials. Often, the final outcome with these types of products is heavily determined by the skill of the individuals installing them. Just as a good builder makes better quality homes than a bad builder; skilled subcontractors make all the difference in terms of quality, staying within budget, on schedule and the durability of the finished installation. With over 60 years of experience in the this field of construction, we excel in providing our clients with the best possible outcome. In addition to installing stone products in new buildings, we are also skilled in removing old materials and replacing them with newer products; whether it is old countertops, floors, walls, ceilings, etc., we have extensive experience in how to retrofit stone products into older structures so that they look as if they were originally installed when the house was built. Since all of our large slab work is cut from templates and our irregular materials manufactured on-site, we can install these products in old or out of square structures without having to cut into walls. Finally, we also have extensive experience in repairing and refurbishing damaged stonework and returning it to good condition. Depending on the type of damage, this can require refinishing, patching, re-grouting and replacing badly damaged or rotted material with closely matched new pieces. Please contact us to learn more about our services.